I often have referrals and recommendations by word of mouth and to reward this loyalty, I operate a scheme where you could earn multiples of £200 worth of vouchers providing all of the following criteria apply: *

  • You refer a hiring manager who is actively recruiting and willing to use my services and whom I have had no prior contact with
  • The hiring manager goes on to employ a candidate into a permanent role through Ken Wilson & Associates within 12 months of your original recommendation
  • The individual placed with the hiring manager completes 3 months of work in their new position

You will receive £200 for every candidate that Ken Wilson & Associates place with the hiring manager for a period of 12 months from your original recommendation. You will receive your payment once a candidate has completed 3 months of work in their new position.

* To qualify for my referral scheme you need to register your details using the below form.



The Company reserves the right to withdraw the referral scheme at any time, though we will honour any referrals already booked at that time.

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